A friend recommended YLPT to me. I attended the Newbie week June 26,2017. I met with Kaitlyn and felt at home immediately! I felt safe that she was attentive to recognize my limitations due to my arthritis yet recognizing my strengths to push me through my fears and tap in to the athlete I once was. The gym is now part of my life attending at least 3 times a week. Feeling stronger and happier. I’ve achieved a better fitness level from where I was last year! C’mon enjoy the fun!
— Annette

Michelle, the Bootcamp Boss
..trainer, advisor, motivator, and gym buddy. Yes, I whine, moan and groan, but wouldn’t change a thing. Thanks for pushing me to do more. The stronger and more fit body I now have is because of you. So THX
— Bianca

Joined YLF April 2017 and by Aug 2017 I was trying on golf outfits that I could not even get into for the last 3yrs..one by one they slid on with ease..some even a little too loose. I was shocked!...and I was sold. The strength and endurance I gained improved my game immensely as I was hitting the ball longer and straighter..without even trying .Sa-weet! :) Huge variety of work outs..never gets boring. Trainers are real Pros..with patience galore lol...members are awesome..kids are sweet...music is great...and..the gym is always very clean. So thank you YLF for being sooooo great at what you do...thx for upping my game! See you tomorrow :)
— Wendy B.

YLPT has changed my life. I am amazed at how much stronger I am and how great I feel and the friends I have made in this fit community have made me a much happier person. I wouldn’t change any of it for anything in this world. The classes are awesome and you feel like part of a team in every one of the classes, all working towards the same goal.
— Michelle

I have been attending Michelle’s morning bootcamps since September. Michelle is a fantastic instructor - always positive, motivating and friendly. I enjoy how each class is different and you never know what to expect. Michelle and the bootcamp class motivates me to roll out of bed in the morning and exercise. It’s a great way to start the day!
— Emily V.
I love this gym. Look forward to going each session. I like that their is guidance the whole way!
— Andrea C.
It was hard to get back to the gym. Two pregnancies and two small children left not much time for me to get back. Once I made the commitment I knew the beginner program was for me. I felt that starting small and making the time for me was important.
I even bring my children once a week to make sure I can get my work outs in. They love the room in the back.
For the first time in what seems like years I am putting myself first. I love working out with the group atmosphere, every level of fitness is welcome. I started seeing results right away, areas I wanted to work on are changing. I feel my energy level increase; I wanted to be able to keep up with my kids.

This is not a quick fix; it is a work in progress, it is not short-term, it’s long term. I am accountable now, that makes the difference.
— Lindsay G.
Both of my daughters joined YLF, one after the other, and were enjoying it so much. And then my older daughter was seeing such huge progress I thought I had to see what this is all about! So after a lifetime of not really being very active on a regular basis, I decided to try this gym out. So in September 2016 I joined and let’s just say the rest is history!
The workouts are very challenging (especially for a former couch potato!) but I love them. I never thought I could/would love exercise like I do now. I try to hit the gym at least 3 times per week, at minimum. they also have beginner level workout as well. No Judgments - just do what you can and challenge yourself.
The trainers are all very nice and more than willing to take the time to help you and show you how to do the moves properly or help you find alternatives if the move is too difficult or if you have an injury.
The atmosphere is very comfortable and everyone is welcome no matter the age, size or shape.
you can go to other gyms where there are a bunch of machines and strangers - no knowing where to start or what to do BUT I would recommend this gym to anyone who is looking to start on the road to a healthier, happier YOU!

p.s. the Wellness Warrior Challenges are fun too!
— Brigitte F.