Range Of Motion Workout of the Day

Based on ancient Kung Fu techniques that strengthen and open joints resulting in optimal range of motion.


Increased range of motion can generate power and promote efficiency of functional movements through improved position and posture.


Range of Motion is optimized through the strengthening of ligaments and tendons while simultaneously removing excess fascia through specific stretching routines.


Recovery is increased through the natural release of hyaluronic acid while simultaneously resetting the central nervous system.

Talk to your trainer about adding R.O.M.W.O.D to your programming today! 

R.O.M.W.O.D is included in the All-In Membership

Add R.O.M.W.O.D to your current Strength Membership for only $5.99/mo +GST

12 Week Customized Programs

Got specific goals? Not quite hitting the targets you are aiming for?

Need a different (possibly more strict) training program?

Getting a customized 12 week program may be the next step for you! 


Members that would benefit from a custom program: 

-Athletes or youth looking for sport specific off season/dryland training

-Members looking to be more regimented with their fitness routine to reach a certain goal or target by a specific date (i.e. powerlifting competition training/Mud Run/ Race

-Doctor or physio recommended program for weight loss/rehab/health

-Fit for a wedding/holiday/event

-Body definition specific training

-Anyone with a SPECIFIC training goal to reach

$130.00 +GST

12 week programming is for those who have already followed our functional and/or general strength training program for a minimum of 6 weeks - *unless you have been directed by a doctor or physiotherapist* 

child care

We understand the life balance game, that's why we offer on-site supervised child care
Monday - Friday 9AM - 10:30AM for members of the Strength + Fat Loss Program.


program rate options

3 Months Unlimited
$120 per month

6 Months Unlimited
$110 per month

1 Months Unlimited
$138 per month



R.O.M.W.O.D - $5.99 +GST/month

Customized 12 Week Program - $130 +GST

All-In Membership

Gain access to Strength Training, Boot CampPiYo  & R.O.M.W.O.D along with 24hr access!

6 Month Contract    $120/month
3 Month Contract    $130/month

child care

1 Month Unlimited

10 Passes

class schedules

Reach out to us with any questions you may have regarding our programs, schedule or rates!