12 Week Customized Programs

Got specific goals? Not quite hitting the targets you are aiming for?

Need a different (possibly more strict) training program?

Getting a customized 12 week program may be the next step for you! 


Members that would benefit from a custom program: 

-Athletes or youth looking for sport specific off season/dryland training

-Members looking to be more regimented with their fitness routine to reach a certain goal or target by a specific date (i.e. powerlifting competition training/Mud Run/ Race

-Doctor or physio recommended program for weight loss/rehab/health

-Fit for a wedding/holiday/event

-Body definition specific training

-Anyone with a SPECIFIC training goal to reach

$130.00 +GST

12 week programming is for those who have already followed our functional and/or general strength training program for a minimum of 6 weeks - *unless you have been directed by a doctor or physiotherapist* 


class schedules

Reach out to us with any questions you may have regarding our programs, schedule or rates!