Trainer Chats

Our Trainer Chats are where EVERYONE STARTS. For current members, we hold trainer chats at the beginning and end of every challenge to assess and then re-asses your goals.

If you are not yet and member and have questions about our facility & classes or simply want to see what we are about and maybe try out your first class or training session before committing.

If you are already a member but don’t know where to start or whether you are doing the right thing to reach your goals. Our certified trainers are here for YOU!

During our trainer chats we will assess your fitness & nutritional goals, do any progress testing you may want (fitness tests, measurements, photos, skulpt measurements, etc.) set some goals together and then figure out a plan, based on your schedule and our sessions available, to reach those goals. We like to book in trainer chats every 12 weeks to reassess and ensure you are staying on track, but if you wish to check in sooner than that, you can always do so!

By using this method, we help you be accountable for your fitness right from day 1.

The best part about trainer chats? It's completely free. 
No commitments, no fees, no expectations!


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