Dryland/Team Training & Memberships

We’re heard it a million times, there’s no “I” in Team, so why are your athletes training alone? Our certified trainers work together with your team to focus on the team’s specific fitness goals.  We ensure we work the entire body at each session, varying the focus between strength, endurance, stamina, balance, speed and power.

Our trainer designed programming will focus on teaching your athletes to use the proper muscles for each movement to increase strength, decrease over-use of joints, improve balance and posture, and decrease the risk of injury.

Your team knows how to play their sport, we will teach them how to use their bodies to be the best overall athlete they can be.


Our sessions include the use of Dumbbells, Kettlebells and Barbells for strength work including squats, bench presses, deadlifts, rows, over head presses, lunges and more.


We develop power through the use of battle ropes, prowler sled work, tire flips, box jumps, etc.

Balance + Footwork

Agility ladders, TRX, and resistance bands are used to work on balance and footwork.

Interval Training

Incorporated timed interval training to work on cardio, endurance, speed, and building up fast twitch muscle fibres.


For best benefits we recommend 1-2x/week. While we understand that may not be an option for many teams we do offer every second week training as well. We can also discuss Team Memberships that do allow for more flexibility in training times for the individuals.

To discuss availability, times and rates contact us today!