Kids Corner

We understand the balancing act between parenting and self care and truthfully, most of the time there is no such thing as balance!  With our on-site Kid's Corner you're able to bring your child along while you take some much needed time to yourself.  

Our Kid's Corner is equipped with toys, colouring books, puzzles, movies, wifi etc. to keep your child entertained while you work out.

Child Care Supervision rates


$5.00/kid drop in if on a 10 pass or just doing a drop in class

If your child is under 4 years old, You MUST book in your childcare by 8pm the night before to guarantee our Child Room Supervisor to be there.

No need to book in if your child is 4 years or older.


Child Care Supervision

Monday - Friday

9:00AM - 10:30AM

Kids Room is open and available for your child/ren to use during your workout time if they are 4 year or older.


Kid's Corner Rules

Like your house, our house has rules too:

  • For Safety and liability purposes, your child is not to be on the gym floor or play on equipment at any time

  • During slow times or if you’re the only person in the gym, your child may sit on the chairs at the entrance or in the Coat/Bag Room

  • With yours and the trainer’s permission, your child may play outside unless other members are using the compound for training.  If outside, your child is your responsibility not the trainer or child care workers.

  • During indirect supervised child care hours, your child is your responsibility, not the trainer or other children in the room