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Excellent! Going is the best part of my day, my happy place!

​     -48 yo member since April 2016

I enjoy the group of like minded people all striving to better themselves. Kait sets you up with workouts that challenge you, no matter what your ability. You definately get what you pay for. You get professional help from a qualified trainer who clearly loves what she does.

     -28 yo member since September 2016

It's different from other places, you are trained not just left alone to muddle through a workout with a treadmill or something similar. Your taught the correct way to train with weights.

-48 yo member since April 2016

Awesome. You won't find anything like it anywhere!

​     -36 yo member since  January 2017

Amazing members. Support and constant change of programs to keep it interesting. You motivate and push people to do things that they wouldn't normally do.

  - 28 yo member since September 2016

Excellent. It is definitely worth every penny to have someone guiding workouts and keeping me motivated to keep working out .... it's also improved EVERY aspect of my daily life, so also worth every penny!

 - 29 yo member since 2013

Referred by a friend to try and I am so glad I did. Really like the class atmosphere everybody is there for the same reason to get fit and encourage each other .

​ - 53 yo Silver Sneakers Member since December 2016

I love all of it, circuit training, weight training and surprise Fridays. The ladies and our trainer, Kaitlyn are encouraging and a fun bunch of ladies to be around. I like having structure, leadership and the commitment to specified days and time

-57 yo Silver Sneakers Member since April 2016

The physical changes are amazing. I lost thirty pounds and it's still coming off

​     -36 yo member since January 2016

I am sleeping better. I have more energy and can take the stairs at school without huffing and puffing. And my clothes are starting to fit better. Originally i joined out of convenience as I wanted to go somewhere that was on my way home. But now, I realize that it is a fun, challenging and fulfilling place to be!

     -47yo member since september 2016

Service is great! They are there to help you meet your goals and push you to do better. They checked in one year later after i showed a bit of interest through Facebook messenger and I decided to just do it this time around and it has been a positive experience!

​- 29 yo bootcamp member since January 2017

In the 2 wks I have been going, I have noticed that I feel better mentally. I have more energy during the day and I'm sleeping better at night. I already lead an active lifestyle and eat healthy. But it's a long, dark winter. By getting active and a bit sweaty a few times a week, we can adjust our hormones and brain chemicals enough that we feel better emotionally.

​ I can't be certain so early, but these squats may be helping me look better in my jeans. As I tell my muscular (but at times insecure) daughter, "no one ever sings a song about a skinny ass"

     -42 yo member since January 2017

If you want a gym experience like no other - focused on YOU getting RESULTS - come give us a try! 

Don't just take my word for it, see what our members have to say...... 

I like the direction provided for workouts, much easier to stay motivated for a full hour with someone telling me what to do and for the variety of workouts provided. It's also the only gym I've ever kept going to consistently for more than a few months (and now it's been 3.5 years!)

​- 29 yo member since September 2013

I'm sleeping better, more energy, clothes fit better, down 1 size, body shape changing to more fit and firm, better muscle tone. Getting stronger and feeling physically and mentally empowered by it. My favorite thing is saying to myself after the workouts - Wow, I did that! Love the variety and challenge of workouts. Welcoming atmosphere and other members are friendly and very supportive. The programs are short term and very well planned out. When you are starting, you can look at a 3 month term and say " Ok, I can try anything for 3 months" Lots of variety in programs. When I come to the gym, I have a program laid out for me. I do not have to think about what I am going to do today. It is an exceptional value. You can bring your cost per work out down with the easy adaptable schedule. In many cases it is very similar to personal training (one on One) without the high cost of it at other gyms

    -56 yo member since June 2016

I've only been with YLF for only 2 months, but I am noticing huge improvements! For me, the mental and physical health go hand in hand. I am happier and stronger..

​I love that the programs are already designed and I don't have to think of what to do. I schedule my times for the week, show up, and get in a great workout. I also love that the workouts are challenging

     -36 yo member since January 2107